Stamford Coed Soccer League -- an adult recreational soccer league in Stamford, Connecticut.

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1. Recreation:
This league was created purely for the enjoyment of spending time with individuals of the
opposite gender under the beautiful summer time weather with soccer as a common thread. It is
the responsibility of the representatives from each team to ensure that ‘fun’ is had by all and that
the competitive nature of the game never exceeds the level where the event is no longer a
pleasurable experience for the majority of participants involved. The league is sanctioned by the
Connecticut State Soccer Association and US Soccer. As such, US Soccer Rules and FIFA Laws
of the game will apply with exceptions noted below.

2. League Committee: Each ‘primary contact’ team representative of the Stamford Co-Ed Soccer League
automatically is a member of the League Committee. If this person is unavailable to attend a
league or committee meeting the ‘secondary contact’ must stand in his/her place. Responsibilities
include: review of scholarship award, send a copy of game report to league president, review
player suspensions and fines, ensure the growth and success of the league (i.e. league promotion).

3. Point System: Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.

4. Game Duration: Games will be run under two 40 minute halves. In the event of a tie at the end of 80
minutes of play, the game will stand as a draw. In playoffs, ties at the end of regulation will be
decided by a penalty shoot out. Of the first five penalty kicks, at least two must be taken by female
players (alternating male and female players). Should the score still be tied and further penalty kicks required, male and female players will continue to alternate kicks until a winner is determined.

5. Game Roster: Before each game played, a team representative must print out a ‘Game Roster’. Each
player must show a valid photo ID at check in with the referee. If the player does not show a valid
ID, he/she will not be allowed to play.

6. Length of Season: Each team will play 8 games and the top 8 teams in each division will advance to the

7. Game Location: All games will be played at the Stamford High School, Westhill, Rippowam or West
Beach fields.

8. Game Schedule: Games will be played either on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening at
6:30pm (based on the league schedule) of each week at one of the field locations listed above. Please be ready to check in with the referee AT 6:15pm. If games start after 6:30pm, expect the game time to be shortened. Game times will change to 6pm in August due to waning light.

9. Game Cancellations and Reschedules: Any updates/changes to the league schedule will be sent
through a notification via e-mail to the primary and secondary contacts. Games will not be cancelled due to
the weather unless there is thunder/lightening at game time. This is a referee decision and state rules will be
followed. If a game is not played due to the weather, the referee will still be paid the fee due and the game
will be rescheduled on a mutually agreed upon date.

If a team needs to reschedule a game due to lack of numbers, at least 24 hours notice must be given or the team needing to reschedule will be required to pay the referee fee for the cancelled game

10. League Standings: A summary of the previous week’s results and league standings will be sent out
by the league scorer, via e-mail, the Monday of every week of play.

11. Slide Tackling: NO SLIDE TACKLES are permitted except for the goalkeeper playing the ball fairly
within her own penalty area. Referees have been instructed to issue a minimum of a Yellow Card and
indirect free kick for Unsporting Behavior for ANY violation of this rule. Direct free kicks and straight red
cards may be given depending upon the severity of the infraction.

12. Number of Players: The maximum number of players per team, on the field, at any given time is 11.
The maximum number of men, on the field, at any given time is 6. The maximum number of women, on
the field, at any given time is 6. The minimum number of players to start a game is 7. These rules apply
unless otherwise agreed by the team reps. and referee prior to kickoff. Both teams must report this
‘agreement’ to the league president (via e-mail). If this rule is felt to be abused, on a consistent basis, by
any given team, a review, by the league, will be conducted.

13. No Double Rostering: Players may play for ONE TEAM ONLY. Any player that registers for two different teams, regardless of division, will be removed from the league and all games will be forfeited for both teams.

14. Cards: Players receiving a Red Card will receive a minimum of a 1 game suspension and must pay a
$20.00 fine to the league. A yellow card incurs a $10.00 fine. No player receiving a card of ANY kind will
participate in another game until all fines are paid. Play by such a player will result in a forfeit of the game
for his/her team.

15. Team Roster: Each teams roster must be handed to the League President before the season begins (on
or before a date specified by the league President). Additions to the roster can be made only up until July
23rd. Each roster must include at least 8 male and 8 female players. All players must be of 18 years of age
or older. Any player signed under one team cannot play for another team within the league. There MUST
be a minimum of 75% of the players on the roster either living or working in Stamford. All players must
bring adequate identification to verify their position on the roster, such as a drivers license or passport.

16. Equipment: The home team will be responsible for providing a game ball. The team listed first on the
schedule is the home team and MUST change if the opposing team wears the same color. Each player must
wear a jersey consistent in color to the rest of his/her team and each jersey must have a different number. Any team that does not have numbers on their jerseys will NOT be allowed to play. All jewelry must be removed before stepping onto the field.

17. Shin Guards: All field players must wear shin guards at all times.

18. Forfeits: In an effort to discourage forfeit of matches, a $180.00 forfeit bond has been included in the
league fees. Should a team forfeit a match, a $90.00 penalty will be taken out of that fund. A second
penalty of $90.00 will be deducted should that team forfeit a second time. A third forfeit will result in a ban
for the rest of the season. Should a team not forfeit any matches throughout the entire season, they will not
receive the $180.00 back. Instead, they will have $180.00 deducted from their entrance fee for the next

19. Payment of Referees: The payment of referees is $45.00 per team before every match. The referee fees
have NOT been included in the league entrance fees.

20. Scholarship: Proceeds from the league team registration are to be awarded each year to a college bound
boy or girl from Stamford who has played soccer in the Stamford Youth Soccer League for the last
three years. The Stamford Co- Ed Soccer League committee will make the award after reviewing
applications provided by the school boards. The award will be based on a combination of academic
success, financial need and community service.

21. Alcohol: While many people believe having a beer at the conclusion of an athletic contest is a nice way
to relax and bond with your teammates, the City of Stamford strictly prohibits drinking on athletic fields –
and has previously threatened the Co-Ed league with the loss of playing privileges for violations.
Therefore, there is to be absolutely no drinking on any field before, during or after co-ed soccer games. NO
EXCEPTIONS. Any team violating this rule will forfeit all remaining games and be ejected from the

22. Vuvuzelas: No vuvuzelas are permitted at games. Any team whose players or fans are found to have
brought a vuvuzela to the field will forfeit the game. A second offence will result in the team being ejected
from the league.